Legal consulting

Our legal department is made up of experts in consultancy regarding litigations of the Intellectual Property domain, as well as in defending said rights in all the procedures tried before the Spanish, European and European UnionTrade Mark Courts.

In addition, as we are very closely located to the European Union Trade Mark Court of Alicante, it enables our direct contact with Judges and allows a reduction in costs arising from the procedures before said Court.

Furthermore, our location is ideal for the defense of trademarks and designs before the European Office Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), based in Alicante. At Ballester IP, we often take part in oppositions and applications for declarations of invalidity against registered trademarks and designs before said Office.

Anti-piracy and customs surveillance

In the last few years, the continuous increase of the piracy phenomenon, as well as trademarks and other Intellectual Property rights counterfeiting has urged companies holding those rights to make a huge effort in order to fight against said evils by using all legal means at their disposal. The holders of Intellectual Property rights need efficient solutions enabling them to combat piracy, thus preventing counterfeit or pirate products from entering into our market both on the national and community level.

This has given rise to the recent establishment of the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights by the EUIPO, which is based in Alicante and shall provide very valuable tools for facing traffic in these products.

In order to fight piracy and to prevent counterfeit and/or pirate products from entering into the market, both in the national territory and in the other European Union member States, at Ballester IP we offer the following services:

  • Customs surveillance for protection of Intellectual Property rights, both at national and European Union levels.
  • Interception and seizure of pirate products before entering Spain and the European Union.
  • Comprehensive legal service before the police and law enforcement authorities to prevent the entrance and distribution of this material into Spain or into the European Union.


Intangible Assets Valuation

Ballester IP is aware of the importance that Intellectual Property rights have for their owners. Therefore, we offer a professional service to evaluate the Intellectual Property rights as intangible assets so that they can be used as a market strategy and fully employed in any innovative and competitive company in the current market. 

 Ballester IP will make a valuation from both the economic and legal point of view and will issue a detailed report which justifies the valuation for third parties.



Business and contracts

Apart from protecting Intellectual Property rights by registering them, the regulation of rights exploitation and management through agreements and contracts is very important. At Ballester IP, we have professionals with long and extensive experience with regard to contracts in Intellectual Property. In this regard, we provide the following services:

  • Analysis and drafting of trademark and other distinctive signs sales agreements.
  • Analysis and drafting of patents, utility models and industrial designs assignment contracts or licensing agreements.
  • Analysis and drafting of technology and know-how transfer agreement.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Analysis and drafting of extrajudicial notices and claims related to any possible violation of Intellectual Property rights at a national and international level.



Copyright involves a set of rules which regulate the economic and moral rights that are granted to the author by law, which derive from the creation of any literary, artistic, musical, scientific or didactic work, whether published or not. These rights spring from the simple creation of original works and although it is not compulsory to register them, it is highly recommended in order to prove the authorship of the works.

Ballester IP provides advice on the protection of your works, with extensive experience in publishing, computer industry and advertising sectors, among others. Our main objective is to promote respect for copyright and fight against piracy by protecting and defending their rights and by licensing their intellectual property rights worldwide. We can carry out a personalized study of your situation in order to offer you the protection that best suits your needs.

Our professionals have a great experience in this field, which is manifested in absolute security and efficiency in the defense of these rights either in the judicial way, in the exercise of actions before the courts, or in the commercial way, to guarantee contractually a guaranteed exploitation of the work.