Patent validation

Translating any kind of document involves knowledge and experience according to the type of document. When it comes to patents, we refer to specialised texts containing highly technical terms which disclose the leading scientific and technical information.

In this regard, we are aware that accuracy, precision and faithfulness to the source text are key to patent translation. Therefore, we have an in-house team of sworn translators, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, specialising in legal, scientific and technical translation. Furthermore, we rely on a network of external collaborators having a wide professional experience.

We are also responsible for validating the patents translated before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. In accordance with the European Patent Convention (EPC), this is a procedure required for a European Patent granted by the European Patent Office to take legal effects in Spain. The translated text will be crucial for defending your patent in our country.

Leading translation software

Terminological consistency throughout the translation of a patent is a key aspect for obtaining an optimal text. This is why all of our translators use the latest specialised translation software, storing previously translated information for possible future use. This allows us to optimise deadlines as well as translation quality.

Legal translation

Besides patent translation, Ballester IP offers comprehensive translation services relating to the legal field, specifically to the Intellectual Property field, in a wide range of language pairs. The legal documents we translate include contracts, court rulings, notarised documents, certificates and lawsuits.