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Which will be the most incredible patents in 2015? Will there be any change in our daily life due to some amazing patents registered by the end of 2014 or manufactured in 2015? Will we have flying cars by then?

We have found a few interesting patents registered in 2014 that could be massive in 2015 if they are well handled. First of these patents are 3D printers, which are already a huge success among the citizenship. Thanks to these 3D printers and how easy it is to find one around you and to use them we can print any design we want (there are companies with 3D printers everywhere, even a few bars where you can print your own design). Since you can order the pieces and build it at home from around 400€, it is obvious that in no time everyone will be able to have their own 3D printer at home and that is why we think this patent will become one of the greatest inventions in the forthcoming years.

On the other hand, there are other recently registered patents that could change our life in the near future such as a vision correcting display. This computational display technology predistorts the presented content for an observer, so that the target image is perceived without the need for eyewear. Using this technology for tablets, mobile phones, computers and even watches could make easier the life of those who are constantly changing glasses and even getting their sight worse after spending too many hours working or studying (maybe even playing or socializing) in front of a display.

One of the biggest medical advances has already been announced, we are referring to some emerging technologies for gene manipulation. The CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) system has been used for gene editing (adding, disrupting or changing the sequence of specific genes) and gene regulation in species and one investigator was even able to eliminate human cells infected by the HIV virus and even immunize the cells before future attacks.

Another invention which will be definitely used are two new types of synthetic polymer that are also recyclable. The materials are not yet ready for commercial use, but the scientists said they had already begun working with several universities on composite applications that could have a significant impact on manufacturing and fabrication in the fields of transportation, aerospace and microelectronics.

It seems like we have a lot to look forward to this next year and we are eager to know more about all the inventions that await us.

Irean Navas

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