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Food related inventions

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Here is the list of the 10 most important for human civilization related to eating or drinking, from the most simple food conservation methods to modern microwave inventions:

1. Cooling

The use of ice to preserve food dates back to prehistoric times. The fridge as we know it today comes from ideas of mechanical cooling in the mid-nineteenth century and became available in the twentieth century. Throughout its long history, refrigeration has enabled humans preserve food, and also to improve their nutrition.

2. Pasteurization / Sterilization

Useful for the prevention of bacterial contamination in food, in particular milk, which is essential for human growth.

3. Canning methods

Developed in the nineteenth century, canning is a method of preserving food by processing and sealing it in an airtight container. Canning can make food last from one to five years.

4. Oven

The first ovens, found in central Europe, date of 29,000 BC. The one which preceds the current oven dates of the nineteenth century.

5. Irrigation

It is used to assist in the growth of agricultural crops, reforestation and soil in dry areas. This is particularly useful during periods of low rainfall.

6. Harvester

Invented in the eighteenth century, allowed the mechanical separation of the grains from the stalks. It was  originally called «thrasher». Before this invention, farmers had to separate the wheat by hand with hammers.

7. Grinding

It produces, among other things, flour, which is the main ingredient of bread – an essential element for many cultures. It has been common practice since 6000 B.C.

8. The plow

A plow is a tool that prepares the ground for planting seeds. It has existed in some form since the dawn of history, and represents one of the most important advances in agriculture. It facilitated the development of a sedentary lifestyle.

9. The knife

It has been used as a tool (for example, cookware) and also as a weapon from the Stone Age.

 10. The microwave

Is a cooking appliance that heats food by dielectric heating process in which radiation is used to heat polarized molecules in food.

Some of these inventions may seem trivial but if you think about it, you have certainly used them or others have used it to feed you, right?

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