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The cloud

By 18 de septiembre de 2014No Comments

It seems like people (and also celebrities) are having some trouble with the cloud features and the way our gadgets act on their own uploading all kinds of personal info. In the beginning, the cloud concept was a revolutionary new characteristic that many encouraged and appreciated due to the convenience of saving all your data in the almighty cloud. Who hasn’t lost all or part of their personal or business information when trying to fix the computer? The cloud sounded like the best idea to continue working even if your computer crashed or your business network collapsed.

The downside of it comes when your own phone, your tablet or your computer uploads all the information directly without even asking. You can ask Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton or Rihanna if they are as excited now about the cloud as they were before. So the main problem is that when you upload all your information to the cloud it is no longer private, although it is not public either, but someone eager to find it and with enough skill and means to get to it will certainly find its way.

But not everything is bad about being able to have your data wherever you go, as long as it is your data and not someone else’s. Two MIT summer students are working on a start up called INEVIO presenting a way to upload not only the information stored in your computer but also all the apps and programs installed to help you continue your work wherever you are whenever you want. If anything like this turns out to be true, they are still working on the idea, this could be the beginning of a new way to use laptops and computers, being able to use any computer with all your features stored.

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