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Trademarks and logos

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Brands are a big part of the IP field and also their logos. Registering a company trademark and its logo is a complicated task. You have to make sure that the trademark doesn’t exist already (through trademark search) and also that there is no other similar trademark which sounds like the one you are willing to register. This is a tricky field since the name of a trademark could sound similar pronounced in a language but not so similar pronounced in another.

That is the reason why in Ballester IP we have experts doing this search trying to find if there are similar trademarks or logos to those our clients are trying to register. We perform a careful and deep investigation about the pronunciation, shape, color and description of our trademarks and logos.

Regarding logos there are some remarkable ones which you may not have paid attention to or considered their origin such as:

  • Apple and their bitten fruit representing Newton’s eagerness to discover and create;
  • Timberland’s trademark which is the land of wood represented by their tree logo;
  • Bacardi rum and its logo representing the bats that reside within the cellars where this liquor is made;
  • The mermaid drawn on every Starbucks cup represents Seattle’s port where the first cafeteria was built;
  • Nike logo is also known representing victory and the name of a Greek goddess.

Some interesting logos represent the origin of a business like Shell, the oil and gas company, which used to trade sea-shells from the Caspian Sea to London before they discovered the benefits of trading petrol.

In conclusion, a trademark and a logo for your company must be a well thought investment and also a catchy one to make sure everyone likes it and remembers it as the representation of your company and your goals.


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