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  • At Burning Rubber we take licensing seriously and represent a range of what we call ‘Petrol-head’ brands for the European market, which include Gas Monkey Garage, Orange County Choppers, Exile Cycles, Salinas Boys, Quarter Mile and TVR. Ballester IP have helped us to tackle the challenges we face resulting from the sale of counterfeit apparel found in our market and in addition helped us to apply for and secure Trademark protection for our own brand ‘Los Tremendos Latinos’ which will be sold in Europe and the United States. Their communication and attention to detail is excellent and we expect to benefit from their expertise for many years to come.

    Eugene McElhatton
    CEO Burning Rubber Co.
  • I have been working in the business world for a long time, and I have had to manage several IP projects. After all these years, I can assure that I have never met any offices with the same level of professionalism, confidence and hard work as Rosalía Ballester’s. They work very hard and choosing them is a guarantee of success. Thank you for your commitment.

    Manuel Albeza
    Director Eleganza Home
  • I have counted upon Ballester IP’s support for over 12 years to develop my patent portfolio and I can highlight their high qualification, professionalism and quality in IP management. I can also emphasize that Rosalía and her entire team have offered me their professional honesty and accompaniment during this difficult road towards achieving the grant of every patent.

    Carlos Alberto Pérez Lafuente, CEO
    Afirma Consulting & Technologies, S.L.
  • I have worked with Rosalia and her team for many years. They are always very responsive and very creative in their approach to IP issues. They are also good people. In short, they are a delight to work with and I hope to work with them for many years to come.

    David Silverman
    Partner Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • After almost a year working with Ballester IP to protect our trademarks worldwide, we have taken a huge step thanks to their knowledge and experience. They are a great team, regarding both personal and professional treatment. To us, it is as if they were a part of our company.

    Aurélie Zogheib
    Marketing director G’s España Holdings
  • Working with Ballester means having the peace of mind of having an internal staff member who is professional and competent, who provides continuous monitoring and not having to pay a salary at the end of the month.

    Piero Piacentini
    General Manager European Television Service
  • After more than 75 years of industrial experience, with over 500 patents, including industrial designs and utility models, Ballester IP can be defined by their transparency, rigour, and professionalism. Investing in research, development and innovation is currently highly complicated. Therefore, fully knowing the means for protecting talent and creativity and thus ensuring that your rights factually prevail, becomes crucial for a deeply rooted Spanish manufacturing firm whose brand has been an industry leader for over 75 years. Really getting to know the meaning of “intellectual property” and “trademark value” meant a great deal for developing our new strategy. There is a huge difference between what it is and what we discovered thanks to Ballester IP’s team.

    Alberto Herranz
    Fominaya S.A.
  • Rosalía Ballester and her team have been responsible for many years for our broad trademarks and patents portfolio worldwide. Not only have they helped us to manage our trademarks in a more effective way, but they also worry about keeping a transparent and fluid communication with us in order to get the most productive use of our portfolio in the simplest way possible. There is no doubt that they are professionals committed to their clients.

    José Luis José Cháfer
    CEO at Laboratorios Forenqui S.A.
  • It is a constant challenge and a huge responsibility for our team to be in charge of the trademark and domain portfolio of an international company such as Viña Concha y Toro, present in over 140 countries with direct distribution, and it would not be possible without the counsel of high-level, reliable, straightforward and clear attorneys-at-law such as the services rendered by Ballester IP through the attorney-at-law Rosalía Ballester and her team. We have worked with other Spanish firms but it is hard to find the confidence and proximity inspired by Rosalía, especially when her work is successfully completed with such good results as those obtained since we entrusted our IP matters in Spain to her and her team more than a year ago.

    Paz Rosas
    Holding Concha y Toro S.A.
  • For us, working with Ballester IP’s team means having the peace of mind of relying on true professionals who assist us on managing our IP matters in the best possible way. The closeness of their working method, despite having a full coverage, inspires confidence in such a sensitive issue as protecting the innovation created in our company.

    Pedro Galera
    Technical and R&D Innovation Manager
  • Taking good care of a brand’s image for a select product as ours is key. In this regard, we have full trust in Rosalía and her team of professionals, who have always been effective in guiding us with our IP matters. Furthermore, besides their legal advice, they bring their expertise and good judgment as an added value to assist us in defining and implementing our branding strategy.

    Antonio Llusar
    Financial Director at ANTIONIO LLUSAR Y CÍA S.L.
  • Europe is an important market for our company, and Rosalia and her team have been nothing short of amazing in helping us to protect and secure rights to our most important trademarks in this market.
    In one complicated case, Rosalia took over an intractable case from the previous counsel and was able to swiftly bring it to resolution. Her team consistently provides clear, creative and practical advice in a timely manner. They are always responsive and works hard while never losing sight of the practical business objectives of the client. It is comforting knowing precisely who is working on your matters and they are always flexible in accommodating any requests.

    Steve Lee
  • Our colleagues at Ballester IP are our go-to firm for patent matters in Spain. We would work with no other firm. Aside from their technical expertise, the attorneys and staff at Ballester IP are truly kind people who always go above and beyond the normal practice to ensure perfection in their work product.

    Steven M. Greenberg
    Partner Shutts & Bowen LLP
  • Ballester IP makes its debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year courtesy of its “superior management of patent applications”: the firm’s precision prosecution offering is reportedly “nothing short of excellent”. In one recent highlight, it successfully overcame office actions issued by the EPO on behalf of Laboratorios Forenqui. Leading light Rosalía Ballester provides incisive, tailored guidance across both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide to players from a wide range of industries. “She communicates swiftly, accurately and eloquently. You can really count on her to do thejob.”

    IAM Patent 1000
  • Alicante-based boutique Ballester IP attracts glowing market feedback: “It provides client-oriented, legally sound advice and its team is proactive, diligent and hardworking.” “It is a very qualified firm, full of incredible professionals who are an asset to any business. “Rosalía Ballester and her team act as a safety net and build long-lasting relationships; clients trust their advice implicitly.” Well networked and internationally minded, Ballester herself “is especially skilled at problem solving in enforcement matters. She thinks creatively and come up with a variety of practical solutions to fulfil our commercial needs. Rosalía is genuinely interested in providing tailored services and her dedication and expertise areunparalleled”.

    WTR 1000 2022

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