Responsible business

At Ballester IP we are committed to sustainable growth. This growth involves reviewing the processes traditionally established in our profession and relying on new technologies to make a more responsible use of resources that allows us to protect the planet.

In recent years, a number of measures have been taken to meet this commitment. The difficulties experienced in the wake of the global pandemic have been approached as an opportunity to question our daily work and how to be more efficient in a more environmentally friendly way. To this end, we are also working in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

We consider our employees to be a key part of sustainable development and growth. We are therefore concerned about their health and well-being.

The following is a brief summary of the main policies adopted:

Reduction of environmental impact
We continuously review our processes and daily office life to try to reduce energy and resources consumption. Here are some examples from the past year:

  • Elimination of physical files
  • 200 kg of paper recycled
  • 50% reduction in the number of printers in the office
  • 90% reduction in printing
  • Installation of a water filter tap to reduce plastic bottle consumption
  • Assessment of office lighting to reduce consumption
  • Disposal of capsule coffee machine
  • Upgrading of computer equipment to improve efficiency
  • Recycling of computer equipment and other waste

Reduction of inequalities
At Ballester IP we work on certain files on a pro-bono basis to reduce the impact of social inequalities and to bring Intellectual Property and the defence of these assets closer to the entire population.

In addition, facilities and discounts are offered to young entrepreneurs to facilitate the start-up of their projects and the inclusion of Intellectual Property in their business plans.

Ethical behaviour
All employees are required to behave ethically and professionally in the performance of their duties, both with clients and with the rest of the team or suppliers. 

Health and well-being
At Ballester IP we promote a healthy and active lifestyle. To this end, the team has private medical insurance to guarantee their well-being at all times. Likewise, office equipment such as screens and armchairs have been renewed to guarantee maximum ergonomics at work.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion:
Ballester IP is committed to celebrating, promoting, and supporting equality and diversity. Therefore, we guarantee equal opportunities and focus on attracting and retaining talent, beyond all religious, gender, sexual orientation, racial or any other considerations.

We see equality, diversity, and inclusion as a hallmark of our business. Furthermore, our industry and its clear international focus make IP firms perfect ambassadors for diversity and inclusion. Cultural differences are a valuable asset and should therefore be treasured.

Our principles in this regard are simple:

  • Ensuring equality
  • Promoting a culture of inclusion
  • Respecting and valuing diversity and individual differences
  • Preventing discrimination, harassment, and victimization
  • Fostering good working relationships