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Patents and Innovation

Our experts can help you efficiently manage your innovation to protect and take full advantage of the technological development.

Our main services include:


We identify intangible assets eligible for protection and study the best way to protect them.


We draft patentability, non-infringement and freedom-to-operate (FTO) reports to help you make the best decisions.

Registration and Maintenance

We draft patent specifications and handle the prosecution of your patents and utility models in any jurisdiction through to grant.

Protection Strategy

We develop and implement an international protection strategy in line with innovation through our agents around the world.

Trade Secrets

We analyse confidential information that may qualify as a trade secret and implement security protocols.

Technological Surveillance

We design and implement tailor-made technological surveillance strategies so that you can keep updated on the latest developments in the sector of your interest.

Plant Varieties

We provide a comprehensive service for the protection of plant varieties to agri-food companies, universities and research centers.

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