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Trademarks, Designs and Copyright

Our trademark, design and copyright department can help you obtain the best protection for your assets with strategies tailored to your needs.

We rely on the renowned network of collaborators Interty to help you get this protection anywhere in the world.

A trademark allows you to identify and differentiate yourself from competitors in the market, and is therefore a key intangible asset for the success of any company.

Our main services include:

Registration and Maintenance

We help you define the best strategy to protect your trademark in any jurisdiction.


We enforce your trademark registration against infringements and trademark applications that may violate your rights.


We offer a surveillance service to detect trademark applications that may conflict with your rights around the world to ensure fast and effective action.


We advise on the viability of using and registering your trademark.

Protection Strategy

We prepare trademark internationalisation strategies according to your needs.


We analyse your trademark portfolio to ensure that you have appropriate protection coverage.


A design is the external appearance of a product, resulting from the characteristics of the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or materials of the product. Registering your design is key to protect it from third parties.

Our main services include:

Registration and Maintenance

We help you define the best strategy to protect your design in any jurisdiction. We prosecute the design application through to registration and handle subsequent renewals to extend the legal life of your design.


We enforce your design registration against third-party infringements that may violate your rights.

We draft assessment reports on the potential invalidity of registered designs.

Protection Strategy

We prepare design internationalisation strategies according to your needs.


Works are protected by copyright from the very moment of their creation. However, it is essential to have a defined protection strategy and comprehensive advice when negotiating their assignment to third parties or enforcing them against infringers.

Registration of works

We manage the deposit and registration of any intellectual property work.


We advise on the negotiation and drafting of contracts, exploitation of rights, licenses and assignments.


We help you enforce your copyrighted works against infringers.

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