A trademark is any sign used by an individual or a company to identify their goods or services in the market and to differentiate them from those of their competitors.

A trademark grants an exclusive right over the distinctive sign, so registering a trademark entitles owners to prevent third parties from using an identical or similar trademark for identical or similar goods and services. In most countries, trademarks are granted for an initial period of ten years, and they may be renewed for subsequent periods of ten years.

When you apply for a trademark you need to specify which activities are to be covered with it. For this purpose, the goods and services are classified and divided into classes according to the Nice Classification.

The most common types of trademarks are word marks, figurative marks or graphic marks. However, more unusual representations can also be applied for, such as three dimensional marks or sound marks. Depending on the territory of protection, there are national trademarks, European Union trademarks and international trademarks.

Prior to filing a trademark application, it is advisable to conduct a prior identity search to minimize the possibility of the new trademark application being opposed by third parties.

Ballester IP offers you a tailor-made analysis of your company’s intangible assets to advise you on which rights suit your needs best and define the most efficient strategy to register your trademark worldwide.

Our trademark services

Our main services include:

  • Analysing trademark portfolios and determining their strength
  • Conducting availability searches in Spain or other jurisdictions
  • Filing and prosecuting trademarks through to registration directly or around the world thanks to our reliable network of associates
  • Drafting and filing replies to official objections or oppositions
  • Drafting and filing oppositions, appeals, infringement actions or invalidity/cancellation actions
  • Preparing and filing applications for recordal of an assignment, change of name or change of address
  • Implementing a trademark watching service adapted to the client’s needs
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Filing renewal applications