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For the last weeks there has been a new rumor regarding a few miraculous patents that can cure either HIV or cancer. So, what is the problem? Why aren’t we implementing those patents, producing those medicines in order to cure two of the newest and most extended illnesses of all time throughout the world?

Those who believe in State conspiracies are probably raising their hands to obtain the benefit of explaining how all the world power countries knew about those patents long ago but get too much money out of illnesses and that it is not profitable to cure one of the illnesses they might have even created. That would be some kind of radical although intriguing thought based on our last post about drugs and the biomedical industry.

Others may think those patents are only crazy ideas developed by doctors who work with natural medicine and believe that everything that comes from the earth is good enough to cure us. Both patents, Diane’s Manna and Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystal devices, are based on methods used in alternative medicine to cure other infections.

But the reality is that USPTO examiners have so much work on their plate at the moment that they just skip through patents and accept them without paying attention to, or sometimes without even reading, all the applications they receive throughout the year. The sequence turns out to be like this: one examiner gets a miraculous application that speaks about medicine among another 100 to read in a short period of time; he or she doesn’t have time to read all of them and write arguments to reject the absolute nonsense written and decides to accept the ones left at the end of the day; someone finds that patent and begins wondering why that patent is not news splashing all the media; conspiracy period; some professional in the field reads the already registered patent and clears out the mess.

Hopefully we will be able to find the cure to those horrible illnesses in the future, but in the meantime, we better read thoroughly.

Irean Navas

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